Easy to use. Easy to adapt.

An innovative and highly flexible case management system. Offering a wide range of solutions for supporting the delivery of services in social care and health.
Adult Services

Adult Services

Azeuscare supports the delivery of the requirements of the UK Care Act 2014 with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage both the case management and finance requirements in one fully integrated system.
Child Services

Child Services

AzeusCare provides a comprehensive recording environment for service delivery in the areas of early intervention, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and children’s social care.


Azeus is at the forefront of innovation. It is one of only a few IT companies that embeds innovation into its commercial development strategy and actively seeks partners to explore new ideas.


AzeusCare supports health service delivery as well as social care service delivery, either in separate contexts or combined.

Easy to use, up to date, cost efficient and compliant to current legislation.

AzeusCare’s modular framework brings together caseworkers, service users, their families and service providers with the objectives of enhancing interaction, providing a secure recording environment and facilitating ease of access to records.

Mobile technology support further allows social care workers and allied practitioners to have more time for home visits and face-to-face meetings by enhancing interaction, providing a secure recording environment and facilitating ease of access to records.

Mobile technology support

Built with direct practitioner input which is reflected in the emphasis on communications tools, functions to manage and maintain workloads, support for integration to other systems and time-saving features for both data input and information extraction.

Built with direct practitioner input
azeuscare has been proven to be an invaluable tool in a wide variety of contexts in both the UK and abroad supporting authorities that serve populations of just a few thousand up to several million. It can be used for children’s services, adult services or both combined.


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Our 2023-2024 Carbon Report

At AzeusCare, we are proud to take accountability for our actions and publish our Carbon emissions report, available to read here.

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of reaching net zero by 2030. We have set out our plan for how we are going to achieve this in our report and to track our progress, we will continue to report on a yearly basis.