Azeus is at the forefront of innovation. It is one of only a few IT companies that embeds innovation into its commercial development strategy and actively seeks partners to explore new ideas. Recent partners for AzeusCare include three UK children’s and adults’ social care departments, an independent children’s hospice and the Family and Community Services Department (FACS) of New South Wales, Australia.

The innovative features within AzeusCare resulting from these partnerships include:

  • Adoption of Open Source products (under user-friendly licences) to reduce costs to customers
  • Enhanced on-screen visualization tools (genograms, ecomaps, risk assessments, body injury diagrams)
  • Public-facing portals supporting the DoHs The Power of Information 2012
  • Integration with social media
  • Web applications to support direct work and the capturing of the Views of the Child in children’s services
  • Enhanced functionality for AzeusCare Mobile application including digital signature capture
At present, AzeusCare is:
  • Transformation and Innovation Partnerships
  • Open Source
  • Integration Strategy
  • Mobile


We live in a world where technology is all around us, yet very often social workers find that at work their technology is less mobile and less flexible than in their non-working lives.

Choice Matters

Enabling choice is at the heart of the personalisation agenda and is enshrined in the Care Act 2014. Tailoring a system of care around the needs of the individual is a complex process however. Multiple stakeholders are involved – Advice and Information Services, Commissioning Services, Brokerage Services, the Care Providers, Finance Teams plus the family of the individuals concerned

Innovation and Transformation

Azeus UK is offering to local authorities a Strategic Prototype Partnership as a catalyst for ‘local innovation’. These partnerships bring together the skills of our international software development house with the innovation teams in local authorities to explore how technology can provide the radical change needed in the areas of social care and health.