AzeusCare is a flexible, integrated system that provides a wide range of solutions for managing and delivering social care.

AzeusCare promotes personalisation, family recording, prevention, and the delivery of best outcomes for service users, both adults and children. Its flexibility and adaptability offer greater control to those who need it, making it an essential tool for social care practitioners at a time of change.

AzeusCare was on the ADASS Informatics Conference

AzeusCare was on the ADASS Informatics Conference in Westminister last May 26. Azeus Care enables adult social care transformation through technology…


AzeusCare Adults Social Care Functionality and Financial Suite goes LIVE.

Whether large or small, English local authorities all have a duty to implement the Care Act to help and support their citizens…


AzeusCare goes live in Isles of Scilly

Azeus Care is now LIVE in the Children’s Social Care department of the Isles of Scilly. Configured especially for this tiny island population with significant holiday maker traffic…