Announcement on successful CP-IS integration

Announcement on successful CP-IS integration

By Forrest Yang on April 17, 2017

Azeus is proud to announce that our system integration with the Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) has been accredited by NHS Digital (formerly Health and Social Care Information Centre – HSCIC). Our CP-IS integration was first deployed at the London Borough of Newham, our primary changer site. We intend to deploy the same solution to our other customer sites within the year.

CP-IS is a nationwide system that enables the sharing of information pertaining to vulnerable children and young people in a secure manner between health and care settings. Through this information sharing, medical staff are alerted if the child or young person they are treating is a subject of a Child Protection Plan or is being Looked After by a Local Authority. Similarly, the social care team responsible for the child is likewise notified if the child or young person under their care attends an unscheduled care setting. Aside from the notifications, the system shares the contact information of the responsible social care team with the medical staff and vice versa to facilitate communication and collaboration.

The CP-IS integration was achieved through XML file dataset exchange in compliance with NHS Digital specifications. To ensure secure communication, the file exchange is done through a secure N3 (soon to be replaced by HSCN) connection. However, if the local authority does not have an N3/HSCN connection, an alternative secure proxy service provided by NHS Digital can be used.

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