AzeusCare was on the ADASS Informatics Conference

AzeusCare was on the ADASS Informatics Conference

By Eric Xu on June 23, 2016

AzeusCare was on the ADASS Informatics Conference in Westminister last May 26. Azeus Care enables adult social care transformation through technology.

The importance of innovative technology to support the transformation of adult social care is now widely accepted across the sector and up to the highest policy levels. The ADASS Informatics Network has been at the forefront of pushing informatics up the care and health agenda since its “Web of Support” vision back in 2012. This year’s London conference featured inspiring national speakers combined with very practical workshop sessions showcasing good local examples of the use of technology.


Brochure for Adult Services

Our flagship case management system AzeusCare is purposefully designed to help adult social care departments comply with this historic piece of legislation and its effects on practice reform.

Brochure for Child Services

AzeusCare is a child and family-centric case management system designed to support social care workers and allied practitioners in case recording from the lowest tiers of intervention right through to the crisis intervention cases.